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Permanent Makeup Eyebrows at Anderson Aesthetics

About Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Throughout history, eyebrows have been a fashion statement. Whether you prefer them sleek or bold, the key is for them to be within your control. Let the Anderson Center help you achieve the perfect eyebrows for your face and skin tone!

You may want to consider permanent makeup eyebrows if your eyebrows are...

  • Thin or sparse and need to be filled with makeup each morning.
  • Uneven, making it difficult to create and maintain a symmetric look.
  • A color that does not complement your skin tone or hair color.
  • Prone to smudging due to sweat or adverse weather conditions

Both permanent makeup eyebrow options require two sessions that are 4-6 weeks apart, and you’ll come back every 2-3 years for touch-ups to make sure your brows stay flawless.

Ready to sign up for a consultation to learn which eyebrow solution is right for you? Contact Anderson Aesthetics today!

MicrobladingOmbre brows


Microblading is the process of tattooing thin, clearly defined hairs that fill in gaps or reshape your eyebrows. This procedure results in natural looking brows that look fabulous even when you roll out of bed in the morning. This option lets you have very specific control over the shape and color of your brows.

Ombre brows

Ombre brows (also known as powdered brows) are an increasingly popular alternative to microblading for people with fair, thick, or oily skin. This option creates a stunning, just-had-my-makeup-professionally-done look that defines and fills the eyebrows through shading. You can choose to create bold brows or a subtler, softer amount of shading.

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About Anderson Aesthetics

This past fall Anderson Aesthetics opened our second location at Avalon in Alpharetta. We are so proud of our newest facility! It looks like a design showroom, with 100 year old reclaimed, eco-friendly wood floors and custom furniture. But behind all the glamour we also have a pristine, top-notch medical facility. Our equipment and technology are the best you’ll find anywhere in Georgia. In fact, you could probably say the same thing about our very smart, but very humble support staff. Give us a call today to set up a tour or a consultation.

About Dr. Anderson

Dr. Ken Anderson is the Founder and Chief Surgeon at Anderson Center for Hair and Aesthetics. As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon and lifelong artist, Dr. Anderson has a well-honed artistic eye that will leave you with natural results that enhance your unique facial features. After falling in love with the artistic demands of hair restoration he combined his two great passions – art and medicine, and he has never looked back.



"Can you see this face?! I see this face...It's AMAZING. I feel like I found the best secret in the world"


“I have nothing but great things to stay about the entire team at Anderson Aesthetics. They are not only professional and warm, but consistent with their service."


"Tempsure is totally relaxing. It’s like a hot stone massage for your face."

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