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About Permanent Makeup Areola Pigmenting

Having lost or lightened areolas can be understandably damaging to your self-image. We can help you craft your perfect areola here at Anderson Aesthetics!

You may want to consider areola pigmentation if you have…

  • undergone breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy.
  • visible scarring after a lumpectomy.
  • lightened coloration after breastfeeding or menopause.
  • always wanted darker areolas for cosmetic reasons.

Repigmentation is completed over the course of two sessions that must be spaced 4-6 weeks apart for best results. You’ll come back for touch-ups every 2-3 years in order to maintain the desired coloration levels.

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Light To Dark3D Effect

Scar Camouflaging or Light to Dark

One of the benefits of having your areolas restored or repigmented, is that the final look is your choice; you can choose the size, color, and shape that you find most attractive. Our artist can provide a 3D effect that mimics the look of a nipple as an alternative to nipple reconstruction surgery.

3D Effect

All areola reconstruction and pigmentation occurs after the breasts have fully healed from any surgery. This allows for the best results, as your breasts will settle and the scars will reach their final pigmentation.

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This past fall Anderson Aesthetics opened our second location at Avalon in Alpharetta. We are so proud of our newest facility! It looks like a design showroom, with 100 year old reclaimed, eco-friendly wood floors and custom furniture. But behind all the glamour we also have a pristine, top-notch medical facility. Our equipment and technology are the best you’ll find anywhere in Georgia. In fact, you could probably say the same thing about our very smart, but very humble support staff. Give us a call today to set up a tour or a consultation.

About Dr. Anderson

Dr. Ken Anderson is the Founder and Chief Surgeon at Anderson Center for Hair and Aesthetics. As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon and lifelong artist, Dr. Anderson has a well-honed artistic eye that will leave you with natural results that enhance your unique facial features. After falling in love with the artistic demands of hair restoration he combined his two great passions – art and medicine, and he has never looked back.



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