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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the treatment feel like?

TempSure has been carefully designed with you in mind to deliver heat gradually for a comfortable therapeutic experience.

How long are treatments?

Treatments typically take less than 30 minutes depending on how many areas are treated. There is absolutely no downtime allowing you to return to your normal activities immediately.

How many treatments are necessary?

We offer TempSure in a series of 4 treatments that are spaced 4 weeks apart. We've found this gives the best results.

When will I experience the results?

Instantly! Many patients have noticed an immediate improvement in appearance. You will continue to notice improvements over the next few weeks and months. Your peak results will occur about 4 weeks after your fourth treatment, but collagen will continue to build for up to 6 months after your treatment.

Is this right for me?

TempSure is a safe and comfortable treatment that many women and men can benefit from. Work with your provider to develop a treatment plan that is right for you!


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